Our Online Agribusiness Brand Marketing Magazine is the foremost Nigeria and Africa online farming magazine created to network millions of farmers and agribusiness stakeholders within and outside the Nigeria through our branded website and to engage and attract potential customers for your products and services across the globe.

Because of its wider network and reach, we deem it essential to present to you one of the BIGGEST AGRIBUSINESS INFORMATION NETWORK IN AFRICA for your company’s Participation, Coverage and Products Advertisement which will highlight the detailed activities of your organization to the Agribusiness stakeholders across Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world.

Over 20 years, we had been contributing to the better redirecting, transforming of agricultural development in Nigeria and Africa through sustainable agribusiness impacts, capacity building, data management, information technology and networking. Our brand is also an int’l network organisation whose primary responsibility is to promote Food and Nutrition, Agriculture, Food Systems and Security, Investment Promotion and encouraging various Agribusiness value Chains.


  • We are the major advertiser of agro products and services to farmers, agribusiness stakeholders, companies, organisations and the general public.
  • Agribusiness data information services to companies, agencies and organizations.
  • Organizing international exhibition, trade shows, agribusiness and networking to encourage better business opportunities.
  • Through our national and global agribusiness networks we connect foreign agriculture manufacturers and marketers with their target indigenous Nigeria partners.
  • We offer capacity building training to existing farmers, potential farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs.
  • Assists companies, organizations, agencies, governments to organize farmers/agribusiness stakeholder’s meetings/forums, and network them to local farmers.
  • We do agro products survey and mapping for companies and organizations.
  • We have database/bank of who is who in Nigeria agriculture business and stakeholders in over 20 states of Nigeria.
  • We network and handle agro market development for both foreign and local agribusiness operators.
  • We conduct both local and international sales and marketing survey, marketing and networking.
  • We conduct Job recruitment and research for companies and organizations.
    We also involve in Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development, Advocacy, Research, Entrepreneurship and leadership Development.