Agribusiness Exhibition

AVIANA AVIV West Africa 2020

Invitation for participation and partnership in  AvianaAviv West africa Intl Expo 2020.

This is a letter of invitation for your company and agency participation and partnership in the Aviana-Aviv West Africa Intl Expo 2020. The international B2B exhibition is hosted annually in Nigeria with participation from Agro-base companies, Farmers, Institutions, stakeholders, associations and professionals all over the globe for business networking, to build brand awareness, generate new markets, trade and commerce,market research and networking. The hosting country; Nigeria is the biggest agriculture and agribusiness country in Africa with over 200 million people and over 80 million farmers. The size of agriculture business in Nigeria and other West Africa countries is a big advantage for manufacturers of various agricultural products owners to expand their products marketing network. For More Details, Click Here

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