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ON the 7th December, 2017, Big Dutchman group held seminar on “Profitable Pig Management” at the Park Inn Hotel by Radisson, Abeokuta; Ogun State.

The seminar was organized by Big Dutchman; in conjunction with eminent speakers and professionals who are engaged in the management of pigs both inside and outside of Nigeria. The seminar was attended by farmers, stakeholders, experts; professionals provided a platform for exchanging of ideas for the best practices in the management of pigs for sustainable profit.  The platform gave the farmers the opportunity to learn and share experiences that have enrich their knowledge on the best practices on profitable pig management.

The Big Dutchman group also provided the best modern livestock farm equipment which are very essential in the effective and efficient pig production by individuals and groups. The company has over 75 years’ experience in modern housing equipment for Pig Farms in over five continents in more than one hundred countries of the world

He express his displeasure on poor adherence and management system practices, poor data, lack of value addition, no good equipment and lack of  well-organized market network for both in production and processing of Pig Farming products. He thanked Big Dutchman Agriculture Nigeria for their foresight and timely intervention to tackle these challenges by given the pig farmers in Nigeria a world class training and capacity building which he said is most needy now than never.

Mr.  Moses Makanju, the National Sales Manager, Pig, Big Dutchman Agriculture Nigeria thanked the Farmers and promised to initiate more support to the growth of Pig Agribusiness in Nigeria. the world. Some of the equipment displayed include, Housing Systems, Sow Housing(Gestation Area, Farrowing Area), Piglet Housing System, Penning Systems for Pigs, Finishers housing system, Fresh Air Supply System, Automatic Feeding System for Pigs, Complete Farm Planning and Design for Pigs, Also in display include Drinking System for Sows, Piglets and Finishing Pigs, Automatic Feeders for Piglet rearing and finishing.

The Managing Director, Mr. Elmar Dorenkamp of  Big Dutchman Agriculture Nigeria in his opening address explain the benefit of the seminar and urged participant to use this opportunity to empower and educate themselves in the best practices of profitable pig farming. He foresee Nigeria as the feature market for Africa, been the number 21 in the world, in his words; “we have hope, we have seen the positive side, change is there and change is coming.”

He noted the need for more seminars and promise that in 2018 there will be more training and capacity building programme for farmers in other to enhance their production and profit maximization as part of their social responsibility to support the growth of Agribusiness in Nigeria and Africa in general.

The first lecture delivered in the seminar was on Bio-Security by the Area Sales Manager, Business Unit-Pig Middle East and Africa, Steffen Martens which re-emphasized on the need for farmers to ensure best practices in pig farming by strict adherence to Bio-Security as a modern, precautionary measure for profitable pig farming. He taught the farmers on Bio-Security, its importance and how to manage it. Bio-Security – he said, is the procedures or measures design to protect the animals against harmful biological or biochemical substances.

During his presentation, the Director Sales, Business Unit-Pig, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Big Dutchman International, Germany, Wolfgang Etzl focused on “How Can I Manage My Piggery Profitably?” by looking into cleaning and manure management. He talked about moving the pigs out, dry cleaning, pre-soaking, wet cleaning/detergent, drying and disinfectants for effective and efficient pig farming management and profitability. He also taught the farmers on the basic management practices that will enable them have a successful Pig Farming business by advising the farmers to pay attention to the essential factors that will enhance their productivity which include re-production cycle and genetics, Artificial insemination, building and equipment management, slaughtering and marketing, feeding methodology and research.

On his part, Animal Science Professor, Akin Adesehinwa of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training (IAR&T), lamented on poor adherence to good Agricultural Practices (GAP) by Pig Farmers which has hindered profitable pig Farming business in Nigeria. He urged Farmers to adhere strictly to good basic pig farming best practices.

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