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Revival of an ancient grain. Gluten-free diet trends have boosted demand for new products such as sorghum. While this ancient grain has been harvested in Africa, Asia and America, it is relatively unknown in Europe. Its ability to cope with drought and high temperatures makes sorghum the fifth most important crop in the world. A variety of products including porridge, flatbread, puffed sorghum, couscous, syrup and beer can be made out of it, while its main use is in animal feed due to its comparable energy level to maize.

The large amount of tannins in the seed coat of certain sorghum varieties requires elaborate processing and thermal treatment before consumption. Additionally, the high fat content reduces the shelf life of sorghum flour significantly and impedes the milling process. Bühler has taken this challenge and developed an innovative technology, which reduces the antioxidant and stabilizes the lipids.
Integrated technology for high-quality
A uniform hydrothermal treatment enables the inactivation of enzymes and extends product shelf life. Simultaneously, flavor is improved and starch is partly gelatinized.


A supplementary pearling step removes the fatty seed coat and reduces the tannin content.
Depending on customer requirements, Bühler provides tailored solutions for maintaining high product quality and food safety. Final grinding is done with state-of-the-art milling technology, leading to outstanding results.
Dealing with different sorghum varieties is another challenge solved by adjusting each processing step accordingly. With integrated Bühler technology, a stable and high-quality product can be produced.
Efficient cleaning, insulated thermal treatment and accurate pearling combines Bühler know-how and expertise to achieve a high performance level.

– Product stabilization and extended shelf life
– Consistent product quality and high hygiene standards
– Improved product flavor
– Low maintenance costs and energy consumption

Continuous process from grain to flour. For an excellent result.
Bühler process technologies – Individual handling for efficient product solutions
Bühler is determined to find optimal solutions for individual customer demands. A reliable process enables high throughput, consistent product quality and food safety. Cleaning provides a well prepared product to enter the hydrothermal treatment. Optional pearling is followed by a final milling step, ensuring consistent grinding efficiency for outstanding products.

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