Ecowas Aviana Viv International Exhibition has been modernize to give your business a shift to maximise profit.

Ecowasavianaviv West africa Intl Expo is the biggest International B2B Exhibition in Africa for Livestock, Poultry, Diary, Fisheries, Aquaculture and its value chain with other Agro allied sectors.

The international B2B exhibition is hosted annually in Nigeria with participation from companies, Farmers, Institutions, stakeholders, associations, Banks/Insurance and professionals all over the globe for business networkings, to build brand awareness, Value chain development, Training and capacity building, mentoring and agribusiness development, generate new markets, trade and commerce, market research and networking,. The EXPO is hosted at the international conference center, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, West Africa. The Expo which is hosted in Nigeria, has been in existence in Kenya, Zanbia,Uganda and Ghana. The EXPO annually features over 10,000 participants from Nigeria, West Africa countries and the globe.

Ecowas-Avianaviv West africa Intl Expo is design to contribute to the promotion and development of indigenous and international markets and trade in livestock and Aquaculture Agribusiness, Value chain development, Food and nutrition, Food systems and security, Investment promotion, Capacity building/Training, Advocacy, Research, Entrepreneurship and leadership Development, Data and Networking services, Market development and information services.

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