Farmers Business Network (FBN) has launched a new lineup of adjuvants and crop nutrition products under its new private label brand, “Farmers First,” the company announced today. The adjuvant business is a crowded one, but FBN believes the combination of new products that optimize crop protection and fertilizer efficiency, sourced from USA manufacturers and available through the FBN online store are a good fit for farmers seeking to maximize crop input investment in 2022 and beyond.

“Not all adjuvants are created equal, which is why we’ve invested in improving our product quality,” says Neil McCormick, Global Product Development Manager for Adjuvants & Crop Nutrition at FBN. “Our new line can compete with the highest quality adjuvants on the market today, and that enables us to provide farmers with a one-stop shopping experience on FBN.com where they can purchase quality crop protection and adjuvants in one place.”

A January 2022 poll of FBN farmer members reinforced these concerns, where more than 30% of members surveyed indicated they were considering crop nutrition solutions to help optimize their fertilizer programs.  

“We see adjuvants and crop nutrition products moving to the forefront of crop planning as farmers look for ways to drive stewardship and sustainability in their input programs,” McCormick said in a statement distributed by FBN. “We have vetted the top technologies out there to create a portfolio of high quality adjuvant and crop nutrition solutions under the Farmers First brand to meet the high stakes of this moment.”  

FBN partnered with adjuvant providers to develop the portfolio. Although the new products are available for the 2022 growing season, FBN members will continue field-testing this year through the company’s Innovators Research League trial programs,

The Farmers First branded crop nutrition products include:

  • Inhabit Boost: a proprietary micronized carbon source with soil and foliar application to improve improve fertilizer efficiency, soil quality, and nutrient transport
  • Catalyst ADV: a soil prebiotic solution containing over 400 active biomolecules that improves the native soil microbiome to make nutrients more available to the plant
  • Inject-N ADV: a soil probiotic (Azospirillum Brasilense) that fixes atmospheric nitrogen in a variety of crops, converting NHto NH4, a form more available to the plant
  • Inhabit P: a liquid phosphorus complexed with micronized carbon to improve availability and reduce tie up for more efficient delivery at low use rates. 

And, the company’s new Farmers First adjuvant line incorporates improved products and formulations, many of which have been certified by the Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology (CPDA) for product quality.   

FBN has organized these solutions under a new system called the M.A.P. system, which stands for Mix, Apply, Perform.  This system organizes adjuvant categories into groups that support tank mixing, product deposition and drift management and product performance. The M.A.P. system is highlighted on the new Farmers First product packaging so farmers can easily identify the target use of an adjuvant solution.


The FBN Direct online store was recently redesigned to include a recommendation modal that highlights recommended adjuvants whenever a crop protection product is added to a user’s cart. It is the first of several digital agronomy features coming to the online buying experience with FBN. 

“Our goal with the online store experience is that farmers get the information they need to feel confident in their input selections, from seed to livestock to crop protection and nutrition products.” said Hirotaka Ellis, Director of Product Management at FBN in a statement.

Adds McCormick: “The combination of quality adjuvants and quick, simple agronomic advice ensures that the farmer is getting the right products to maximize the efficacy and return of their investment.”

Moreover, the Farmers First brand will include other new products,

“FBN has made internal investments to expand our capability to deliver our own line of inputs across multiple product categories in the future. The launch of the Farmers First™ adjuvant and crop nutrition products for the 2022 growing season is just the beginning,” he said.  

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