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Pig farmers in Gberigbe Piggery Estate, Ikorodu, Lagos, under the umbrella of Gberigbe Pig Farmers Association, said there is no record of the African Swine Fever (ASF) on the farm, noting that anything contrary is untrue.

Chairman, ad hoc committee of the association, Mr. Oludele Oluyoyin, said the fact that Oke-Aro Piggery Estate, Ogun State, was ravaged by the ASF does not mean other piggery estates in the area are affected.

He said: “As of today and to the glory of God, there is no single case of ASF in our piggery estate. We have been very careful with the issue of biosecurity. After series of trainings by the state and the Federal Government, we always ensure that all trucks brought in by buyers are thoroughly washed and disinfected before being allowed into the estate. Visitors/buyers are also subjected to same scrutiny.

“Our workers and attendants are also mandated to ensure personal hygiene and to also disinfect themselves before entering our farms daily. In fact, we have done all we could to forestall this and God has been answering our prayers that no single pig is infected here.”

Oluyoyin said those who visited the farm could attest to the fact that their pigs are full of life and devoid of any form of infection, unlike what is experienced in all ASF infested farms.

While noting that they don’t want to be tagged as ASF infested pig estate, he said the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture or its supervising agency in charge of the estate-Agricultural Land Holding Authority (ALHA), could confirm, “Gberigbe Piggery Estate, Ikorodu is not one of the affected pig farms in the state.”

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