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We are the biggest agro community with proven relationship which can be attested through our programmes across the six geographical zones of Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world. It is therefore essential to present to you the BIGGEST ONLINE AGRIBUSINESS INFORMATION NETWORK IN AFRICA for your companies Participation, Coverage, Products features and Advertisement which will highlight the detail activities of your organization to the Agribusiness stakeholders across Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

Join us to network your products and services across the globe.

Because of its wider network and reach having No. 1 internet traffic identity on Google Search Engine by searching with the keywords like Nigeria farming, Nigerian farming or Nigeria agribusiness marketing just to mention view; our website is at the top on Google search. For these reasons and many more, we encourage your company to start advertising on our website to ensure your agricultural products and services are well known by the target audiences.


  • Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time in this digital world, that means you need to meet them where they are already spending time: “on the internet”.
  • Most of your target audience don’t go online, they now live online even on the move.
  • Many Agribusiness organizations now advertise on our website and network more on our social media than ever because it is far cheaper to reach largest audience of prospective customers. The landscape to grow your business awareness for more sales through our online branding platforms (Website, E-mail Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing – SMS) has come.
  • Standing out from your competition is crucial – especially as a new brand and also to maintain and improve your existing top brand ranking and recognition.
  • Embracing our online creative marketing strategies to resonates and engages your target audience. Hence, your products and services will attract more sales. 


Below are the advertisement rates per month to showcase your brand on our global informative agribusiness website.


Description                                         Naira Rates (N)                      Dollar Rates ($) 

Weekly News Letter                            N100,000 (Per Month)                        $400 

One Year Subscription                       N850,000                                             $2200

 Upper Major Banner (729 x 90)        N140,000 (Per Month)                        $430
One Year  Subscription                      N1,250,000                                          $3200

Side Ad (300 x 500)                             N  120,000 (Per Month)                      $318
One Year Subscription                       N800,000                                             $2000

Side Box (300 x 280)                          N  80,000 (Per Month)                         $270
One Year Subscription                       N550,000                                             $1710

Special Full Advert Placement In Our Weekly Newsletter Email Marketing of above 200,000 emails to farmers/Agrobase stakeholders twice a week.

For one month subscription — N160, 000/$340. One Year Subscription —-N800, 000/$2000

Reach out widely with our SMS and email marketing of above 200,000 contacts of farmers/Agro-base stakeholders twice a week. SMS @ N5.30k per SMS

(Thousands of potential prospects will get your advert in their email box and shall also be redirected to your official website for more information through your advert link to enable them contacts you).

To subscribe for participation and advert booking, please send to us by mail your RECURRING PAYMENT SUBSCRIPTION AND AD DETAILS WHICH INCLUDE
Advert Options:  
Monthly Amount:
Number of Months of Recurring Payments :
Advert Design in jpeg or png which must be compatible with your chosen advert stipulated measurement above:

You can also attach any valuable articles you have which can help solve some agricultural challenges for farmers. This can ultimately boost your advert for more engagement, sharing and sales among your targeted audience .   


Launch your agribusiness into life-time amazing success with these free benefits. You will only pay for your chosen minimum of six to one year advert rates and get the value-added services stated below.

  • This is where you can attract visitors, readers and potential customers to discover information about your products and services through what we call “Best Quality Agro Branding” on our website.
  • Get connect with your target audience where they are already spending time: “On The Internet”. Most of them don’t just go online, they now live online even on the move.
  • Your brand will benefit from our wide range agribusiness networks both national and international coverage on our website to drive your business information towards potential customers to ensure your business engagement, growth and success.
  • On our website, you will enjoy free periodic publications of your engaging valuable agro contents for your target audience, agro events, meetings and any agricultural information that will be helpful in solving any agro challenges for your target audience. This will help to communicate and connect your brand with the prospective buyers.
  • Weekly agribusiness news publicity to farmers emails, agribusiness networks and stakeholders in Nigeria, Africa and other parts of the world.
  • Leverage on our influence to over 100 agribusiness platforms and networks.

Embrace our online creative marketing strategies now when the above benefits are free for your brand to resonate and engage your target audiences. Hence, your products and services will attract more sales. 

Also information for publication must be sent to us via our Email;  info@nigerianfarming.com or david@nigerianfarming.com, nigerianfarming1998@gmail.com or agricnews32@gmail.com
N: B: – We understand and agree that all payments shall be made on or before the publication date in full by Bank Transfer or Bank Certified Cheque in Favour of

N: B: – We understand and agree that all payments shall be made on or before the publication date in full by Bank Transfer or Bank Certified Cheque in Favour of 

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