Opportunities in Rabbit Farming

Rabbits can be domesticated as pets, reared for consumption, or farmed for income. Any of the three reasons is very beneficial, especially the second and the third, as rabbit meat is reputed to be one of the most nutritious and healthy meats for man’s consumption. It is considered an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and said to be high in vitamins B3, B12, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and very rich in omega 3. For this reason, rabbit meat is highly sourced by informed members of the public. However, most rabbit farmers have testified that meeting consumers’ demands is presently a challenge. The biggest advantage of it all is that almost all parts of the rabbit turn into money for an informed farmer. This means that there are many avenues through which farmers can make money with rabbits. Here are some ways through which one can make money with rabbits; Selling Live Rabbits: You can rear rabbits and sell live ones to varieties of customers such as new rabbit farmers who are just establishing their farms, old farmers who want to either beef up or augment their stock to meet customers’ demand, individual rabbit meat lovers, restaurants, hotels, and so on. Barbecued Rabbits: Selling barbecued rabbits to various consumers in homes; offices; marketplaces; restaurants; hotels; events; and so on is a way of making money and gaining the loyalty of consumers who would naturally prefer to save themselves the time and energy they would have to spend in preparing it by themselves. Operating a Slaughterhouse for Rabbits: One could decide to specialize in this aspect of the rabbit value chain. That is, slaughtering and preparing rabbits for a fee for farmers and other customers as well. Some farmers may not have or be interested in having a slaughter facility. What such farmers do when they receive orders for prepared rabbits is to take them to the third party slaughterhouse, pay a fee to get the stock prepared and then deliver them to their customers. Selling Rabbit Kittens: By specializing in selling fully weaned rabbit kittens to farmers or other people who may want to rear them as pets, you will have feeding costs reduced and profit maximized. You only have to feed the bucks and does, which produce the kittens. It also affords you the opportunity of having more space available for the breeders. Selling Rabbit Feeds and Medications: This is another money-spinning department in the rabbit value chain. Outlets that trade on rabbits and other animal feeds and supplements make good money on daily basis. There are even individuals without shops who supply hay to farmers on regular basis. They relieve the farmers of the task of going into the bush to fetch grasses and get paid for it by the farmers. Rabbit Fur: It has also been discovered that rabbit pelts are used to make several items such as slippers, woollen garments, hats, and so on. It has been a big source of income for rabbit farmers or individuals who gather the fur in large quantities and sell it to manufacturers. Some breeds like the Angora and Rex rabbits are said to be mainly raised to get their high-quality fur. Rabbit Waste: Their faeces, otherwise called rabbit manure, have also been found to be very rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. It’s a highly recommended manure for crops planting. According to research, it’s one of the best manure because its application goes without any possibility of it burning the plants. It is being exported on large scale to countries that use it for plant farming. To summarize, any department you choose to focus on will provide you with consistent income, and if you have the time and energy to provide all of the services by having all of the departments under your portfolio, you have mapped out a path to wealth.

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