Agro Exports


There are a lot of unscientific technical trade barriers that adversely affect exportation to other countries.  It is quite necessary that the Nigerian government begins to provide measures to solve such problems. All necessary problems in agricultural export business being faced in respect to explorations of produce across the country should be removed.

There is a need to look into issues like global standardisation involved in the sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) regulations that are required for food supply in other countries with the various  issues of certification, processing, trade agreements, determining  the  rate of  exportations, and food grading; branding, condition requirement for exportation, the physical conditions of the food, information on the package, form of presentation, metric systems, international systems  for domestic food, declaration of net contents for packaged food which may be in  liquid form, and drained weighing  technology  such as the correct metric systems of  the international systems. 

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